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Our Services

Employee Benefits

Once you have great employees, how do you keep them from leaving?

Life insurance

How would your family and/or business financially survive
without you?

Disability Income

Would you be able to survive financially (meet your obligations) without your income?

Long-term Care

Are you aware of the fact that 70% of people of the age of 65 (and older) will require some period of ongoing care at some point in their lives?

Vulnerability Assessment

What are your greatest financial risks? How do you manage them effectively with insurance?

About US

We provide customized solutions to help you grow and protect your financial assets... including your small business!

Since 1985, Fahmy & Associates has been providing comprehensive advice to individuals, families, estates, and businesses how best to protect their most important assets; their businesses, their lives, and their families.

7657 Leesburg Pike Falls Church, VA 20165 Monday – Friday 9 AM -5PM Memorial – Labor Day Fridays 9 AM-3PM
Kenneth H. Fahmy, CFP®, CLU, ChFC Ken Fahmy has been helping individuals, families and small business owners to protect their livelihoods and assets for 30 years.
We don't just sell insurance, we know insurance. Our philosophy is to protect before you build.
We represent more than 50 insurance companies. We are not obligated to sell one company's products. We are a broker who always puts a client's best interests first.



As part of a Trusted Advisor Team, we collaborate between you and your Financial Advisor, Attorney, Tax Accountant, Banker and other Advisors. This team approach ensures that your best interests are always a first priority.

Over the past 30 years we have developed Alliance Partnerships with other financial professionals including bankers, tax accountants, lawyers and financial planners who specialize in trusts, estates, business start ups, succession planning, property and casualty insurance agents and third-party-retirement advisors.

Our Blog

Cutting-edge solutions, personal accounts of how different types of insurance can change lives, along with financial information and trends that allow you to put it all in perspective.


Life insurance can provide you with peace of mind and comfort while you are living and certainly will provide those ...


Small business owners know that it’s getting more competitive than ever to hire the best and brightest people. Employee benefits ...

2024 Tax Facts at a Glance

For a comprehensive guide to 2024 tax information, please download the content. https://www.fahmyassoc.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/01/2024-Tax-Facts-at-a-Glance-1-2.pdf ...


Check out these useful and informative links that will help you learn more about the insurance industry and its relevant terminology.

Fahmy and Associates gives you access to helpful and informative links and articles as well as a Glossary of Terms to provide you with a wealth of guidance and knowledge to help you make informed decisions when buying insurance.