Our Story

Our company and its affiliates are established leaders in the financial services industry. We offer customized guidance and strategies to our clients.

Catherine and Kenneth
For more than 30 years Fahmy & Associates has been providing extensive and thoughtful advise to small business owners, individuals, families and estates about how best to protect their most important assets; their businesses, their lives and their families. Their unique approach helps to uncover financial vulnerabilities and ultimately assist clients with implementing their insurance and employee benefit objectives.

  • We know how insurance should be an essential piece of an individual’s or family’s comprehensive financial plan.
  • We take the time to help each individual or business determine what works best for their situation.
  • Our Financial Vulnerability Assesement (FVA) identifies opportunities, strengths and risks for the unique financial circumstances of each business and individual.
  • Our advice, quotes and enrollment assistance comes at NO cost to you, your family members or employees.
  • Ken Fahmy’s extensive knowledge of financial planning and estate planning enables him to understand how insurance fits into a comprehensive financial plan.

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