Debt Coverage: Most likely your business has accrued some debt.  In the event something was to happen to you, life insurance with the purpose of covering debt will protect your heirs with the burden of paying off your business debt.  This is an essential add-on to guarantee that your personal assets are not affected in the event of your passing.

Funded Buy-Sell Agreement: You have spent time and money making your business a success!  Should the unexpected happen, don’t let that be a waste.  A funded buy-sell agreement will insure that your business moves forward if you die before retirement.  It will provide your family the financial security and assure business continuation.

Key Person Insurance:  Top employees with special skills and knowledge are sometimes hard to come by.  If something were to happen to them, it could be difficult and expensive to replace them.  Key person insurance gives you the death benefit to find or train a new employee and help make up for lost business during that time.

 Executive Bonus Plan:  Motivate and recruit top employees with a win-win Executive Bonus Plan.  Allot funds to select employees to purchase life insurance as a reward.  This incentive will be greatly appreciated and allows the employee to have full control of the policy.  As the employer you have the income tax deduction for the bonus plan and are free from the administration hassle of benefit tracking.

 Group Life Insurance:  Employees work to provide for their families.  There is no greater gift of helping them protect that family if they were to pass away.  Group life insurance plans are cost-effective and have many options when it comes to premium payments.

“Should the unexpected happen, life insurance can protect your business and your family”