Life Insurance

How would your family and/or business financially survive
without you?

Life Insurance can be very important for your family in the event of your death and there are many different reasons why people secure Life Insurance.

Why do you need Life Insurance?

  • Replace your Income
  • Reduce Financial Burden on your Family
  • Education Expenses for your Children
  • Pay off Mortgage, loans and other debts/obligations
  • Pay funeral expenses
  • Pay Estate Taxes
  • Charitable Contribution
  • Long-Term Care Needs
  • Build Cash Value for future retirement needs

Generally speaking, there are two types of Life Insurance: term and permanent.

  1. Term Insurance is the most basic type of Life Insurance and the most affordable. Term policies offer protection for a specific coverage amount and length of time, typically 10 to 30 years. Policies build no cash value and pay out in the event that the insured passes away.
  1. Permanent Insurance is exactly as it sounds, permanent and designed to last a lifetime as long as you pay your premiums. There are a variety of types of permanent plans: Whole Life, Universal Life, Variable Life and Hybrid products.

When looking to secure Life Insurance it’s important to find the right policy for you and your family. By completing our Financial Vulnerability Assessment, we will determine the recommended amount of Life Insurance you should apply for and help you with the application process which typically includes an application and simplified paramedical exam. Once approved, we can determine the amount and type of Life Insurance that will best meet your needs. There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to Life Insurance.

Interested in learning more about Life Insurance? Contact us or take our Financial Vulnerability Assessment.

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