Working with a team of professional advisors is more advantageous than working with a financial advisor alone.  Just as you have a general medical practitioner (primary care doctor), you may also have a cardiologist, dermatologist, urologist, general surgeon, and so on.  I assume you would not rely on just one doctor for all your medical needs. Logically speaking, the same rationale applies to your relationships with your professional financial advisors. Your accountant doesn’t specialize in estate planning. Your estate planning attorney doesn’t specialize in accounting, or insurance, or asset management.

A financial planner usually has a lead role, maybe serving first and foremost as an investment advisor, but they don’t specialize in every other aspect of serving your financial planning needs. Beyond asset management, clients want and deserve more.  The best lead advisors work with specialists in the areas of insurance, estate planning, accounting, etc.

I believe that multiple advisors working as a team on your behalf allow you to be more confident in knowing your interests are being best served. First, you are getting comprehensive, professional advice from an individual in their specialized field. A generalist maybe only knows black and white, and isn’t aware of green, blue, etc. as it relates to choices and or recommendations.  Second, multiple advisors will critique each other’s recommendations ensuring that the recommendation is suitable and in your
best interest.