The purpose of disability income insurance is to protect your lost income. In the early years of your career a disability preventing you from working would be detrimental as you need an income to provide for your family. As we age income is still as important but another component to think about is protecting the assets that you have worked so hard to build. Long-term Care Insurance can help you protect your assets in the event you are in need of long-term care.

Do you need both disability and long-term care insurance at the same time or is there a certain point that you can transition from disability insurance to long-term care insurance?

Everyone’s situation is different so timing can be different for everyone. Disability insurance is recommended once you start working and the end date can vary depending on your situation. Typically we recommend applying for long-term care insurance in your mid 50’s.

Please contact us today to arrange a review and we can determine what sort of disability/long-term care plan is in your best interest as well as review any current plans that you may already have in place.